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International Portfolio Fashion Course

Learn how to create a fashion portfolio accepted in universities and companies worldwide.

Who is Eduardo Costa and to whom is this course destined to?

Graduated in fashion design at Istituto Marangoni, I have been working with fashion since 2014. In 2018, I took the “fashion folio” course at Central Saint Martins, an intensive and one-year course, knowledge which I apply in this course through different dynamics . I am currently editor of Fashion's New Order magazine, specializing in the search for young fashion talents, especially students and recent graduates, having even contributed to Vogue Talents. Many of the talents promoted on our page, today compete in important awards such as Hyères and LVMH prize. I've worked as an art director, stylist and design consultant for the past 3 years, with a special focus on recent graduates.



This course is applicable for students who want to improve their portfolio for applying selection processes at international universities (both BA and MA) or simply because they want to improve their portfolio for applying for jobs in companies such as Alexander McQueen or Mary Katrantzou.

Whats the course method?

In this course, several techniques are applied to create an international fashion portfolio from scratch. Any previous experience is welcome, but you'll learn the creative process in it's complete form.


A reasonable knowledge / practice of fashion illustration and fashion drawing is required to support this creative development. Basic knowledge of construction and the creative process is welcome, but not completely necessary. At the end of this course, you will have a complete fashion project for international application and development.

What's the course value and starting date?

The course has a value of 200 pounds, paid in 2x without interest and with a flexible cancellation policy.



The first class starts classes on 16/11 and the workload will be 3 classes per week, 2 hours each, totaling 26 hours of course! The classes will be held individually, to make sure a complete focus on the student.




For more information contact:



16/11 Introduction to the desired courses, analysis of each portfolio individually, showing the strengths and weaknesses of each one, as well as expirational potential.


18/11 Development of points, lines and shapes. Development of SKATs and silhouettes. Shaded drawing practice in DRAPEED (moulage). Selection of * mix and match * collection TOPICS.


20/11 Demonstration of British-style sketchbook development (universally accepted). Experimentation applied to each individual theme. Analysis of the research carried out. How to develop this research in new design elements?


23/11 Development of sketchbooks. Skats adapted to the theme. Creative application of research. Tissue sample guidelines.


25/11 From skats, to the development of prints and FABRIC MANIPULATIONS (Textile model of fabrics / materials).

27/11 Accompanied development. The differences between the portfolio applied to universities and the market! 11/30 From skats to draft. Building parts, what works and what doesn't. Transforming 2D into 3D.

02/12 Fashion Drawing x Fashion Illustration.


04/12 Coloring and development of each look. How do you apply them to your portfolio?


07/12 Income statement, re-analysis of each portfolio. New strengths, weaknesses and creative investment opportunities!


09/12 Subcultures, how to find and photograph them. Cultural safari.


11/12 PERSONAS layout and development.


13/12 Final layout and CONCLUSIVE ANALYSIS for application!

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