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Dionysus, a Greek mythology god who represents fertility, ritual madness, theatre and religious ecstasy. His roman name is Bacchus, which, for wine lovers, gave inspiration to some of the biggest wine shops around the globe. A        

                 contrario to                    Apollo, Dionysus             is a synonym of                  chaos,                                limitlessness,                    shapelessness, and                 disorder. Some                                        

important artists from the Renaissance were inspired by this Greek god to denounce mores of society.

These artists used this rebellious approach to make people talk and to change aspects of unrealistic laws that happened at that time. In fact, Dionysian art is extremely dark, and often the people who are being represented are losing control and experiencing many emotions at once, in one scene that the artists painted. No wonder he is the god of winery. Dionysus also represents a certain state of intoxication, and questions the wholeness of existence with a touch of brute realism and absurdity.

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1st year couture project by CLEMENT PICOT @just_clemm 🎯 MA Garment/ Womenswear
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@paolina_russo ‘s latest collab with shot by @aidanzamiri 

In his book "The birth of tragedy", Friedrich Nietzsche divided the art world in two categories, a dichotomy of "Dyonisian" and "Apollonian".
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