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“Moon-in-Water”concept film for OriginDress/ Design&digitalized by Ruiyang Liu


New Order Magazine

Suddenly her legs took root,

           and her arms grew into

               long and slender branches.

Apollo reached the laurel tree,


                still enamoured with Daphne,

      held the tree in 

  a special place in his heart.

Apollo is a god in Greek mythology, and he’s been part of one of the Twelve Olympian, participating in the well-known Olympic Games of Greece. He’s the god of music, archery, poetry, the sun, healing, and medicine.

Untitled_Artwork 16.png
God of sun
Untitled_Artwork 18.png

In his book "The birth of tragedy", Friedrich Nietzsche divided the art world in two categories, a dichotomy of "Dyonisian" and "Apollonian". Clear shapes of objects and bodies, geometry, light, without forgetting natural light coming from the sun, which Apollo is the God are some main features that qualify the Apollonian aspect of art. The fact of being considered as apollonian means having a self-controlled, rational and logical mind-set. In the arts, Apollo represents les Beaux-Arts, beautiful cleared sculpture, clear lines with limits and the typical Greek aesthetic for sculptures tends to be from an apollonian influence. Moreover, the value for human order and culture and the celebration of appearance are what also characterise Apollonian art.

The Birth of Tragedy

Screenshot 2021-04-05 at 15.39.04.png
Vogue Italia June 2018.
Design Department Düsseldorf (Düsseldorf, Germany)
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