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The Revenge of the Immortals

Once a tool of control by a conservative side of society, morality has more and more migrated into the discourse of art, left-wing politics and inclusion, but is it really an ally?

    Despite being the oldest enemy of free-thinking people, morality has its upsides and has, more and more, been vocalized by art creators, enhanced by the power and energy of generation Z, filling a void left by the nihilist bourgeoise. Social activism and population's emancipation have become the values of the decade, movements such as Occupy Wall Street and Black Lives Matter have been strong players in the social uprising. Meanwhile, sustainability and inclusivity turned out to be the keywords of the last decade of culture and fashion. Despite with a different set of values than that of christianity, all these signs point out to the following: a new moral voice on the rise. 

    It becomes clear that morality does have a role to play in the New cultural Order, but until when will it be beneficial? How long before looking morally engaged becomes more important than being morally engaged? How soon does rhetoric and moral identity become more important than actions? How soon until we're manipulated? Identity is a curious thing, the roles alternate and, before you know it, punishment and judgement comes back at you, much like a Jonas, constantly criticizing their choices as a young mang (ignoring them as irrational), while the young one would try to kill his older 

version (believing he's the source of all evil), in a constant cycle of self-aggression.   

    So what to do in a World where "good discourse" is the rule, but in where "bad action" is the standard set of action? What we, of Fashion's New Order recommend (if that is still a thing), is to play by your opposite. Play by your hedonist side, rejoice in a subversive immoral discourse, celebrate your wickedness. The world needs more people who look bad, but end up being good; more Vengers than Dungeon masters; more fallen angels than catholic executioners..

    On the other hand, of course it's understandable where the moralists were coming from. Bourgeois society was out of control. Their rejoice on immorality, when combined with their hard power created this world of nihilism, destruction and false-moralism; but is it fair to play take revenge on everybody else? And who's to be accountable for false accusations and unfair judgements? We just might be feeding a diet monster we won't be able to control. A monster who, indeed has helped many young designers, but that also has a personal agenda and completely ignores obvious moral breaches of intellectual property, such as in the Walter van Beirendonck/LV recent episode.


    That's the thing with immorality and identity, before you know it you might just be hitting your biggest ally… Or would you think bourgeois society will just lay down and wait for the hit? Definitely not. They will just channel your anger into someone else, someone who's always been a foe of theirs. They will just manipulate you into channeling all your frustration, from the patriarchy, colonialism or "planet destruction" in your fellow brother, who despite having never built an oppressive company, made a joke on green beans. Even more so, be careful with the oppressor, who loves to point their fingers to the loud mouth green beans persona. 

    So, meanwhile Rei Kawakubo, a designer who has questioned our idea of western beauty, who was one of the first to question gender in fashion, gets cancelled, banks profit more each year and Jeff Beezos reaches a fortune of 200 billion dollars. Is she, really, the one responsible or accountable for colonialism? Is it fair that she's the one paying while the people who really profit from it are M.I.A. or hidden in plain sight ? Or is it just the "enemy" channeling your anger to our biggest green bean angels?


Screenshot 2021-03-11 at 12.59.20.png

Look lush, look evil, be responsible. Elegance is resistance.

‘Dark’ is the German ‘Stranger Things,’ only better.

Editor/writer: Editor X

Graphic Designer: Charlotte Connah

Philosophical support: Mariam Horst

Based (also a critique) on the article "How tech's richest plan to save themselves after the apocalypse", by Douglas Rush.

"Satan arounsing the rebel angels" 
William Black for Paradise Lost
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