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Johannes Warnke

Johannes Warnke

Johannes Warnke grew up in Estenfeld, a village in the German countryside. Whilst working on his sustainable graduate collection: Windows of Perception, the Nina Stewart Award scholar transformed his childhood bedroom into a makeshift studio; quite the contrast to the ateliers at Viktor&Rolf, Balmain and Givenchy that Johannes interned at during his placement year. Warnke made a collection that ‘brings the wearer into the state of mindfulness through sound, visual and haptic experience and the feeling of being inside a structure of transparent layers that both connects you and protects you from your surroundings.’ During the research process, the Fashion Design with Marketing graduate travelled across Germany taking photographs of mid-century sacred architecture, which is reflected in his curvaceous silhouettes, hand-dyed textiles and elaborate headpieces, that ‘manipulate distractions’ with blinders and wind chimes. Warnke’s ambition and interdisciplinary intuition refer to his collection as well as to his promising future plans of going back to fine art and dance roots for a multidisciplinary brand collaboration. ‘In this digital age with constant social and visual overstimulation on social media, I feel that we long for mindfulness, real-life human connection and haptic experience.’

Central Saint Martins


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