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Rittler Maximilian

Rittler Maximilian

I´m MAXIMILIAN RITTLER, Viennese based Master graduate of the fashion department in Antwerp, Belgium. I work with semiotic codes of the fine arts great history by being made of fantasy, All made of passion and all made of wishes, All adoration, duty, and observance, All humbleness, all patience and impatience, All purity, all trial, all observance - (William Shakespeare, As you like it.)

Viennese singer Falco sings in his song “Rock me Amadeus” about Mozart as a Rockstar. Being from Vienna myself I love music and rock and roll is my passion. For the collection, I wanted to work with music and include the rock spirit by creating my very own version of rebellion (inspired by Zazou, youth culture movement in ‘40s Paris, young kids drinking and dancing to music as a protest) and my hometowns cultural heritage. I love Mozart, beers and Rock´nRoll.

Royal Academy of Antwerp


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