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Mathilde Rougier

Mathilde Rougier

For Mathilde Rougier, sustainability echoes with digital. The 22 year old Womenswear student and Fashion Revolution student ambassador from France worked on the idea of deterioration and restoration of data: ‘I played around with an archive of clothing, all donated to me and meticulously documented in digital format. By messing with the code of the images and with the help of an artificial intelligence, I created my designs.’ Four of the six looks she created are made of small tiles from offcuts and sample books of leather she recycled while interning at Louis Vuitton. ‘They are slotted together, you can take them apart, put them back together differently. It functions like pixels on a screen, it’s a bit like Lego… And it extends the life cycle of clothes.’ Mathilde was stuck in France without her materials when the lockdown happened, she took advantage of the cancellation of the show: She created augmented reality filters that recognise the pattern of her garments and mesmerise the viewer.

Juliette Bastien

Central Saint Martins


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