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Mariana Matias Malta

Mariana Matias Malta

I am a Fashion Designer, a Multimedia Artist and a Vulnerable Superhero.
My process re-appropriates areas and imagery of the body which would traditionally be deemed taboo, undesirable or a source of shame, vulnerability and insecurity, to reimagine and contextualise them through a “bittersweet” aesthetic lens of emotional ambivalence. I’m interested in the particularly complex emotion characterised by tension and conflict that is felt when someone experiences both positive and negative emotions simultaneously, which ultimately is inherent to human nature.
I use my body as a portal, as a case study. My work is a cathartic experience, a way of recording and analysing my journey with my body and the full spectrum of myself, so I can then share my journey with others. The garment becomes a therapeutic space to embrace and live this experience, symbiotic in nature and a catalyst for sensuality and truthfulness.

Royal College of Art


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