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Jude Ferrari

Jude Ferrari

The 70s and 80s maximalist aesthetic is one of the most clarihew historical fashion thrifts.
Epitomized by designers like Yves Saint Laurent and Christian Lacroix, maximalist icons recurringly recycle their way back into our imaginary, just as they do to our behavior.
Central Saint Martins graduate designer Jude Ferrari - also founder and Creative Director of J. Simone – is here to remind us why we obstinately refer back to such ostentacious, extravagant power-dressing.
With a contemporary scent, Jude Ferrari also reminds us of the importance of technique in construction, patternmaking and fitting when reverencing these sleek, sartorial signs.
She definetly proves herself to be a brilliant colorist, mixing the most clashing – and dated – prints and shades together and still accomplishing to deliver a fresh, interesting look. Her monumental shoulder pads, whimsically tailored jumpsuits and costume-like prairie dresses assemble enrapturingly awkward shapes. Richard Quinn-like masks and clever layering substantiate an unlawfully marginal, yet romantic and wistful aesthetic.

Pedro Milanesi

Central Saint Martins, Baf


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