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Joana de Miranda

Joana de Miranda

A generous, intimate and affective introjection into Joana de Miranda’s daily journey towards self-acceptance and relentless pursuit of an entire generation’s most incessant quest: mental heath.
Inspired by her stress-triggered condition of Eczema, De Miranda’s crafty textile development, padding, colors and deformation of conventional shapes tell a brave, inspiring and emotional story of not only having to cope with stress as to control outbreaks, but also having to justify her existance. A true celebration of genetic diversity!
Alluring textiles in vivid reds, pinks, oranges and purples, creatively put together in raffia (we heart sustainability!), rubber, sponges and beads, roister the reality of Eczema manifestations.
The appealing stuffings pad up fascinating deformations, assembling a poetic narrative of how the skin can swell up during certain stages of her stress, beguilingly augmented by the ludic, yet aggressive-looking beedwork gracefully incorporated onto it.
Imagetic poetry. Awareness. Self-love.
Functional? Not much. Wearable art? You bet!
Joana de Miranda is a promising portuguese-descent first-year student in the University of Westminster, investigating her creative identity.
And we’re eager to see (and feel) more!

Pedro Milanezi



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