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Andrea Brocca

Andrea Brocca

Multiethnicity in the toast of the town. Multicultural heirlooms, an investigation of plural ethnical roots and an attempt to fathom how it all put together shapes an identity brought designer Andrea Brocca to speculate about his mother’s mysterious Sri Lankan origin, as opposed to her well-known identity in the 80s.
An identity originated by Italian, Sri Lankan and middle-eastern roots can be nothing but fascinating. Its secrecy and mysteriousness make it an even more interesting plot.
In Brocca’s collection “Senanayake” (a Sri Lankan surname) we’re invited into his layering down a woman whose extravagant 80s look and attitude – with impecable crafty cuts, constructions and silhouettes (which reflects his Italian heritage) conceal a much deeper and less trendy identity. It’s even more of a turn-on when these tailoring techniques are applied to boldly creative (5 o’clock tea, anyone?) volumes, proportions and prints.
The collection is couture-like, but it’s definetly editorial-like, creative and practicable. Brocca interestingly manages to take us on a leap into the 80s, but feel a much deeper and less festive mood.

Pedro Milanezi

Bafcsm, Central Saint Martins

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